Marcus Jugenheimer: A Major in God’s Army

Dressed in a suit and hat. Seen at department stores, supermarkets and malls. No, not Santa.

You see the signature red kettle; hear the handbells ringing; and in some cases, you may even hear singing—all because of the dedicated men and women of The Salvation Army who weather the elements to receive donations for the less fortunate.

The more than 150-year-old organization founded by William and Catherine Booth is an international evangelical Protestant church and charitable organization that involves much more than gathering donations from shoppers.

Nyack alumnus, Major Marcus Jugenheimer (’99) has served with The Salvation Army for more than two decades. The graduate of Nyack’s Adult Degree Completion Program and his wife, Joy, were featured in an issue of North Rockland’s Daily Voice. (Read it here.)

Of Nyack’s degree completion program, Major Jugenheimer says, “The curriculum was a great match for my responsibilities as a ministry leader and the class schedule was easy to fit into my busy schedule. My Nyack College education equipped me with tools to lead and serve more efficiently. The cohort-based learning experience provided a great support system to learn together. As a non-traditional student, I found the Nyack College experience to provide a great balance of accountability and flexibility that required much of me and enhanced my ministry and leadership without distracting me from my daily responsibilities.”

And what’s the most fulfilling part of serving with the Salvation Army? He says, “My ministry in The Salvation Army has provided opportunities to meet people right where they are and to impact their lives with the love of Christ—whether that be from the pulpit on a Sunday, at Ground Zero on 9/11, around a soup kitchen table or during homework time in an after-school program.”