March 7 | Social Work Open House at Nyack NYC

“Give a man a fish; you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

It’s the philosophy of leaders who are  interested in giving underserved people a “hand up” instead of a “hand-out.” And those are the kind of people, you’ll meet at the Nyack College Social Work Open House on the Manhattan campus located at 2 Washington Street on Thursday, March 7 beginning at 5:30 PM.

If you’re considering a career in the field of social work—as a case manager, human service assistant, job counselor or a social worker at child welfare agencies, community clinics, hospitals, substance misuse agencies, or government social services offices, plan on attending this important gathering of prospective students, faculty and staff. You’ll learn about the undergraduate and graduate degree programs. You can attend a class. You will hear testimonies of students already enrolled. Let them take the guesswork out of questions you might have.

Open House events at Nyack are a great way to get an up close and personal look at more than the bullets on a syllabus, textbook list or recommended readings. You’ll hear sentiments like these:

“What I appreciate most about Nyack is that wherever you are in your journey, these halls are not only hallowed—because there’s classical learning here— but because they know who the Giver of all knowledge is. My life has actually changed by being a student here. The faculty, they’re just different. They care. And they care beyond the point of them being your teachers or advisors or mentors. They really want to see you do well. They root for you!” That’s what Crystal enjoys about her undergraduate degree studies.

You may be like Luis who shares, “If you’re looking for a strong school that helps you fulfill purpose and destiny, and you also want to be held accountable spiritually, come to Nyack.”

Whatever you choose to study, the experience at Nyack won’t be a solo flight. Mia is a student who vouches for that.  She says, “Nyack is very community-oriented. They’re very intentional about making it a community. Some people are working full-time and they come at night. They’re moms. They’re dads. They have different roles. But in all of that, Nyack tries to find ways to connect the students to make sure that there is community.”

Explore a whole new world. Learn more about the Social Work Open House.