Marc Halpert and Mike Mittleman Provide Career Coaching at Nyack College

The Nyack College Office of Student Development has partnered with “networking evangelists” Marc Halpert and Mike Mittleman to provide a select group of Nyack College students with a free online program, Your First Career Position: The Best in Class Program. The pilot program was custom-designed to help Nyack seniors and recent graduates navigate the job market during the nation’s current challenging economic climate and physical distancing mandates. The tools include guidelines on crafting resumes, cover letters, a LinkedIn profile as well as preparation for interviewing and networking.

Marc Halpert

With their combined decades of experience in corporate America, Halpert and Mittleman teamed up to create this invaluable virtual experience at a time when unprecedented unemployment and underemployment rates raise the level of competition for available jobs. In addition to filling coveted positions, employers are also addressing the need for diversity and inclusion in their businesses and organizations. Nyack College, recognized multiple times as a leader in diversity and social mobility by U.S. News & World Report is a prime source for qualified candidates.

Mike Mittleman

A self-described “multi-preneur,” Marc Halpert left the corporate world in 2001 and since then has founded three companies, the most recently established is connect2collaborate. The LinkedIn specialist, is also the author of LinkedIn Marketing Strategies for Law and Professional Practices and You, Us, Them: LinkedIn Marketing Concepts for Nonprofit Professionals Who Really Want to Make a Difference. Co-founder of “The Best in Class,” Mike Mittleman, a former Merrill Lynch and Credit Suisse investment banker, offers one-on-one career coaching services. The Wharton School and Columbia Business School alumnus conducts group career coaching.

Nyack Vice President for Student Development and Dean of Students Wanda Velez sees this virtual coaching opportunity as invaluable and essential. “Our students will enter the job market at a time when experienced, furloughed workers are also seeking employment,” she commented. “Providing students with this otherwise cost-prohibitive service will position them to compete with confidence and insight unavailable to most graduates seeking their first professional jobs.”

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