Just Released! The Fine Print 2016

The College of Arts and Sciences is proud to announce the release of The Fine Print, Nyack's literary arts journal. 

And this year's winners are:


First Place: “Sometimes” by Rebecca Przywara

Second Place: “Advent” by Katie O’Sullivan

Third Place: “Consummation” by Christine H. Rosa de Freitas

Honorable Mention: “For Yiran “Renee” Zhu" by Casey-Adelle

Art and Photography

First Place: “Delicate” by Tehillah Eskelund (pictured above)

Second Place: “Fashion Starlets” by Angela Murphy

Third Place: “Winter Ambiance” by Kathryn Stoehr

Honorable Mention: “Untitled”(1) by Koralee Montoya

Short Story

First Place: “The World is Bigger” by Emily Bellinger

Second Place: “Tia’s Last Story” by Anita Dos Santos

Cover Art

“Prayer Flags over Kathmandu” by Joseph Girard

The Fine Print staff members are Rachel Kunker (editor), Daniel Avila, Kassie Neumann, and Casey Reyes.

Copies of the journal are available in Bailey Library or Eastman Library where the winning art and photography are on display.