July 16 | Dr. Amy Davis Abdallah Guest Speaker for Nyack/ATS Chapel

“Pressing on Through Rest” is the theme of the Nyack College and Alliance Theological Seminary (ATS) chapel service to be held on Thursday, July 16 at 5:00 PM on Zoom. Vice President of Church Relations and the Chapel Dr. Charles Hammond will email students, faculty and staff the access information for this virtual gathering.

The featured speaker will be Dr. Amy Davis Abdallah, an associate professor of theology and Bible at Nyack College, who also teaches worship at ATS. Dr. Davis Abdallah’s areas of special interests include Historical and Systematic Theology, Biblical Worship, Sex and Gender in the Bible, and Rites of Passage. She leads Nyack’s annual Global Service-Learning trip to Greece, which traces the footsteps of the Apostle Paul.

Dr. Davis Abdallah preaches and teaches at churches, retreats and conferences, as well as for national and international ministries.  The founder of the rite of passage program at Nyack called Woman, she is passionate about encouraging Christian women to expand the Kingdom of God. She is a faculty member of Empower, the certificate program for women co-sponsored by the C&MA Metro District and Nyack/ATS.  Also the author of The Book of Womanhood, she has been published by Everbloom, The Wonder Years and by Christianity Today, CBE International, Redbud Writers Guild, InterVarsity Fellowship, and Missio Alliance.

Worship for the service will be led by Martherson Bernabe (NC ‘21). A prayer for racial reconciliation will be offered by  Leo Poluan, a 2020 Nyack graduate and former vice president of the Student Government Association.

Mark your calendar today and be on the lookout for the email from Dr. Hammond for full details on “Pressing on Through Rest.”