Juanita Powell-Brunson (’06), Deputy Director of New York Times Newsroom

Juanita Powell-Brunson, 2006 alumna of the Nyack College Organizational Management program, made headlines where “all the news is fit to print.” She was a member of Cohort 359 who earned her Bachelor of Science degree at Nyack a dozen years ago with distinction. Today she’s still a standout as deputy director of newsroom operations at The New York Times for the newspaper’s national and politics sections, according to a recent article.

Comments made by editors cited in the Times Insider feature speak volumes about how Juanita has made an indelible mark on the work environment and on the hearts of the people clearly grateful to work with her for the past 18 years.

For those who believe “no one is indispensable,” they probably haven’t met Juanita Powell-Brunson. Read about her path to success and the praise she’s earned.

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PHOTO CREDIT: Hiroko Masuike/The New York Times/Redux