Initiation Ceremony Marks Ninth Year of “Woman”

For nearly a decade, “Woman,” a rite of passage program conceived by Bible professor Dr. Amy Davis Abdallah, has been a transformational initiative carried out in the lives of female students entering their senior year of studies at Nyack College. The ninth initiation ceremony was held at the Rockland County campus on Sunday, September 16 in President’s Hall of Shuman Hall to welcome the new cohort.

Members of the 2018-2019 class are Kaelah Byrom, Joanna Carrasco, Joanna Corl, Jennifer Cunio, Michaela Dolium, Sarah Dunlap, McKenzie Evans, Samantha Hidalgo, Kaelan Hoppe, Evelyn Immitt, Marvele Jean-Baptiste, Kyndra Moser, Katherine Peña, Phaydora Sainvil, Nina Sechang, Moriah Spencer and Darcie Woodford.

Dr. Davis Abdallah’s book, The Book of Womanhood is the foundation for the curriculum that guides students in their quest to find identity in developing a relationship with God, self, others and creation. “Woman” is an adventure, a launch into the depths of life-changing exploration. It is a call answered by this new group of women who want to discover—not just who they are—but whose they are.

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