How to Find God’s Peace Part 2


So we need to have an inner calm and a supernatural peace in the middle of this craziness we call the end of the semester, but how do we do it? It’s not even physically possible when I have a test in every class, two PowerPoint projects to present, and 3 papers all over 5 pages all due this week *insert sweaty nervous laughing emoji.*

Well never fear, the Holy Spirit is here!

He is the only, and I repeat the only One who is going to keep you sane. Coffee is wonderful. In fact, it’s a gift from above, but it will only keep you awake. You’ll still be manic when 5am rolls around and you have to be up in 2 hours. Friends who encourage you and push you to finish all your work are amazing as well. (They are also gifts from God.) But once the study group ends and everyone goes home, your friends will be continuing their work, but can you concentrate without someone keeping you focused and pushing you? There are nice little tricks we can do to make it out of this semester alive, but how sane will we be? How mentally and physically tired will we be – answer: very. So if you could study for your tests, finish your projects and be proud of them, and have each paper written and proofread by their due dates, wouldn’t that be amazing? To actually be on top of both your workload and your life? Well, Deuteronomy 28:13 says that we are the head and not the tail. Last time I checked, the head was on top.

God doesn’t want us floundering for our lives. He sent us a Helper for a very specific reason – to help us – and not just help us spiritually, but in every aspect of our lives. He is here to help us prosper. If doing well in school can be used as a testament to God, then He’ll help us in school, too. The cool part is that all we need to do is ask. It also helps to stay in the Word because that makes us more susceptible to the Holy Spirit when He’s trying to help us. When we think to start studying earlier than we planned to or when we think to change the topic of that paper we’ve been struggling over – it’s the Holy Spirit guiding us. However, we most likely won’t know the Holy Spirit just spoke to us until we realize that we had more to study than we initially thought and it’s a good thing we started early. Or until we realize that the new topic we picked for our paper is way easier to write about than our last topic was.

Also, when we ask for it, the Holy Spirit will give us a peace that simply cannot be fathomed. Your friends might wonder why you’re not freaking out about your presentation tomorrow or they may not understand how you wrote a seven page paper in one night (and it’s actually a good paper!), but that’s okay because you don’t understand either. But I can promise you that if you set aside your work for just a moment and ask the Holy Spirit for help that He will help you. Let’s all make it through this semester with our heads intact, shall we?