“Hope-Filled Lament For This Season” by Kelvin Walker

Kelvin Walker

Hope was invoked by a roster of faculty, staff, students and administrators—socially distanced—but united in spirit on Tuesday, April 14 at the virtual chapel service for the Nyack College and Alliance Theological Seminary community.

Prayers and readings were offered by President Michael G. Scales and ATS faculty—the Seminary’s dean, Dr. Ron Walborn; professors, Dr. Wanda Walborn and Dr. Cleotha Robertson (2 Corinthians 1:3-5; 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18), along with Nyack College Coordinator of Spiritual Formation, Mrs. Heather Garcia (Psalm 90; Lamentations 3:19-24) and Vice President for Church Relations and Dean of the Chapel, Dr. Charles Hammond. Worship was led by Mr. Chase Connolly, Mrs. Katherine Connolly and Mr. Paul Lee.

The following is an original spoken word piece written and shared by The Christian and Missionary Alliance Metro District Superintendent Kelvin Walker, who is also an ATS adjunct lecturer.

Hope-Filled Lament For This Season

Lament…I cry out in full lament
LORD, let me passionately express
All the grief, sorrow, disappointment, and pain
Not ONE emotion will I restrain
Since I’m told that I’m known completely and well
I’m convinced that it is safe for me to tell
Everything that my heart aches for…
And longs for…and is burdened for…

But it’s not just anyone that I talk to
Lord, Adonai, I straight up come directly to You
For, I have confidence in the work You do
And, since I have full access to the Throne
That place, where in Your presence
You remind me that I’m Your own
I boldly come and I beg of You…
Do not delay, Daddy…come quickly to my rescue

And, while You might not deliver me from it
I know for sure You will deliver me through it
Through the struggles and the pain
Through the days of stormy winds and pounding rain

And, just when it seems like it will never end
I’m brought to that place where I choose to bend
And humbly bow my knee
To the One Who hears my plea
It is there that I stretch my hand to Thee
And I trust You to come and take care of me

But not just me…care for those to whom I am connected
You let us know that we’re not rejected
But, rather, we’re loved with a steadfast love
It’s a love that’s unending, filled with grace from above
And, whenever we don’t know what to do
We choose to fix our eyes on You
Knowing all our hope is found in You
So, we lean on You…as we express…our hope-filled lament

A single hour in the presence of God defused the impact of the media’s daily and incessant reportage of global devastation. Among the many expressions of encouragement was a simple, but powerful declaration by Dr. Wanda Walborn, illuminated by her reflection on Isaiah 43:2. “The only way is through.”