Home is Where You Know You Belong

My travel home was a ten-hour trip fueled by coffee and endless conversation, but it seemed as though I had never left. I was surrounded by friends and family, and I was leaving one place that I loved to go to another. The borders between New York and Pennsylvania seemed to blur. The world became smaller because I realized that home does not have to be confined to one place, but home can cross borders and extend to various places and people.

IMG_0203When I returned home to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I realized that time had been both stalled and moving. Home was just as I left it, but time had passed — my family and I had new stories to tell each other, and we knew that within the next week we will make new memories. I found joy in being back in Pittsburgh with the people who matter the most to me. I could not help but contemplate that I felt changed  maybe I was a little older or a little wiser, or maybe it was simply from the lapse in time. While being home, I enjoyed the comfort and warmth it gave me; it was a place full of childhood memories. I realized that what makes home home is the sense of comfort and the rush of happiness when you return. It is where you know you belong.
I realized that college is also home. The buildings, the people, the town – all encapsulate a sense of belonging over time. When I returned to college, I returned to a place that also made me feel like I had never left. As a freshman I may not have had the full host of college experiences that would make it seem as though a full life has been lived, but I have lived. I have made friends, memories, learned and grown up all in a few, short months. Before I came to Nyack College, I had already felt that I belonged. Now that I have been in college, it could not have been more true. While being in college, I have also made New York my home. It is a place where I feel comfortable and happy. I love the energy and the people. It makes me feeIMG_9806l like I am a part of something bigger, yet it has become smaller to me the longer I have lived there.

Having a home in more than one place makes the world seem smaller. I have realized that you can travel the world and live in many places; some places will only be another place or another memory, but others can be another home. Home is more than a place or a feeling. It is somewhere you will comeback to for the sake of the memories, new and old, and for the comfort it gives you. You can fit into many places, but the ones that always return to you bring you back home.