High Praise in the Lincoln Center “Sanctuary”

For months Nyack College School of Music students, alumni, faculty and staff poured their hearts and souls into presenting a world class professional concert on the stage of David Geffen Hall in Lincoln Center. Truth be told, no one ever leaves a Nyack School of Music performance disappointed—no matter where the performance venue might be.  

The thunderous applause and cheers were the immediate responses to the program’s eclectic mix of pieces representing classical, spiritual, jazz, contemporary, folk and gospel music. However, the first written communication echoing the audience's unanimous praise was sent to Dr. Michael G. Scales, proud patriarch of Nyack College and Alliance Theological Seminary(ATS), by Nyack/ATS Chairman of the Board of Trustees Rev. Scott G. Slocum, lead pastor of Essex Alliance Church in Essex Junction, VT.

Chairman Slocum’s generous and gracious words were pure encouragement to all involved.

“Last night’s concert was strangely wonderful! We sat waiting for a concert to begin—a recital of sorts—and soon found that we had been brought into the presence of God. We were not spectators. We were participants, not simply invited into worship, but deliberately brought into worship.

“We stood and applauded, as in any concert, but strangely I realized it wasn't performers alone for whom I applauded. I was actually applauding with them for the One in whom they performed.

“Strange, they hadn't performed for me or us at all. We mistakenly thought we were going to watch a concert, never realizing we were in fact performers ourselves…invited to be part of this great gathering of the redeemed, proclaiming, “Holy, Holy, Holy!”

“Please thank all those of the School of Music, not only for a night of excellence, but a night of corporate praise and worship!”