Happy 10th Anniversary, Bobby Gruenewald and YouVersion!

“…To take the whole gospel to whole world.”

For more than 135 years, that objective has been at the heart of the education and preparation that Nyack College and Alliance Theological Seminary offers its students. Because of the College and Seminary’s commitment to spreading the gospel, President Michael G. Scales is excited to join millions around the globe today who are celebrating #bibleapp10, the 10th anniversary of the YouVersion Bible.

Life.Church pastor, Innovation Leader and YouVersion founder Bobby Gruenewald (pictured with his son, Robbie; Dr. Scales and 2016 President’s Hall of Distinction recipient, Dr. Robert Glover) says “We’re excited about the new ways God is using technology to help people make even more connections between the Bible and their daily lives.” Learn about the YouVersion story.

YouVersion had 83,000 installs in its first three days; went on to reach 10 million installs in 2010; 50 million installs in 2012 and 100 million installs in 2013. Acknowledging this milestone and the app’s growing impact, President Scales commented, “Congratulations to my dear friend, Bobby Gruenewald!”