Great Internships for Nyack College Students

As you get to your junior and senior year, internships are something that should be on your mind. Even if your department doesn’t require it, internships can be a great opportunity for you to get hands on experience in the field you want to go into, apply what you learn in the classroom to the real world, and figure out where you might want to end up after college. In addition, internships are great ways to get you foot in the door somewhere you might want to get a job in the future. You can get internships in all different fields and through many different organizations. This week I was able to talk with a few different students who took part in many diverse and interesting internships, and thought I would share those experiences with you.

Sarah Scheidt- Social Work, Undergraduate

Intern at Soup Angels


“I think that in today’s world, we can be quick to say that something has “changed our life” even if we are still pretty much the same person. However, I think my internship is actually changing my life because my conceptualization of the world is different than before. I am interning at a really cool soup kitchen called Soup Angels and I have gotten to know a lot of the guests while eating dinner with them. If you are familiar with Humans of New York, I feel like I live out my own version of that personally every time I go to my internship as I get to talk with people and hear some of their stories. Every person that I have talked to has helped save me from my own stereotypes and prejudices, as I have been given to chance to see each person as a real human being and unlearn the categorization of “other” that society so subliminally teaches us. I have talked with guests on so many topics I would have not expected to talk about, like philosophy, economics, poetry, cheesecake, good coffee, cancer, and tough jobs. It reminded me of what Shakespeare wrote: “For stony limits cannot hold love out,/ And what love can do, that dares love attempt.”

In Romeo and Juliet, Romeo told this to Juliet so she could know that even a big stone wall could not stop him from loving her. In my life, I like to think that we can learn from Romeo and decide that nothing can stop us from seeking to love and understand others. It may feel like there are big stone walls to stop this from happening because people are just so “different.” However, I have come to find that it really is possible to seek to understand someone with a very different life than you, if you dare to attempt.”

Rebekah Williams- Childhood Education, Undergraduate

Student Teacher at Elementary School and Elementary School, Guatemala


I basically teach certain subjects but my teacher is always there too and we plan together and that sort of thing. It really prepares me for after college because it’s exactly what I’ll be doing and it’s a great chance to gradually take on all those responsibilities with the help and support of a mentor teacher and without the pressure of it being completely on me at this point. I haven’t student taught overseas yet but what’s great about this placement has been the community of the school I’m at and the wisdom and poise of the teacher I’m working with. She is truly a master teacher and it’s inspiring to get to see her teach.”

Brianna Campos- Family and Marriage Counseling, ATS

Intern in the Nyack College Counseling Department


“I am an intern counselor at the Nyack Counseling Center.  My internship is different then most internship sites as I work along 9 other intern counselors and work under two professional staff, whom supervise us. At other locations, you will have a large mix of both professionals and interns.  While it makes the responsibility seem even greater, it also gives the interns freedom to learn our own style.  The emotional climate of our team makes our site a warm, friendly environment to work and be serviced in.  Counseling at the college as been an incredible experience for me; it is the greatest honor to pair up alongside these young men and women and hear their stories.   What makes counseling so unique is that I am taught more in the counseling room than I have ever been taught in the classroom. However, I only feel prepared to be counseling others because of the dedicated professors and professionals who imparted their knowledge and wisdom on to me.  I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world.”

Percy Danosh- Nursing BSN, Undergraduate

Senior Practicum at Good Samaritan Hospital


Preparing for clinicals is like preparing for  your first date. The night before you pick out your clothes and iron them,  “You want to look Gud!” You try your best to review all the information you have, “You don’t want to not know what you’re talking about.” Lastly, by the end of your shift, you are happy for a wonderful day and are looking forward to the next clinical/date. The only difference is that in the end, you would have made a difference in somebody’s life,  and show them the the kind of love and compassion that all Nyack students possess.”