Grace Prescriptions Conference: How to Work in Healthcare and Share your Faith


Being in the medical field, I¬†often find it hard to incorporate faith into medical practice. Days get busy, patients have life threatening needs to be met, and it can be hard to talk about something that seems so personal. But, as Christians, we are called to be God’s hands and feet wherever we go. We are called to share the gospel with those who don’t know. That includes our patients. Grace Prescriptions conference was the perfect chance to learn how to do so.

I, along with several other nursing students from Nyack College had the opportunity to attend this seminar this winter. It was an incredible opportunity to see many different Christian health professionals from New York City and the surrounding areas come together to learn more about the integration of faith and practice. During this 2-day seminar, we learned about all of the research that proves the importance of including spiritual welfare into patient assessments. Not only is sharing our faith an important thing to do as a follower of Christ, it actually provides for a more comprehensive and holistic care of the patient. On top of this, we also were taught about practical ways to incorporate our faith into what we do each day to treat our patients. We learned conversation starters, what we are legally allowed to do, and how to follow up with each patient.

I was very impressed with this seminar and took a lot away from it. It was a pretty awesome thing to be in a room full of so many different types of healthcare professionals who all love Christ: doctors, nurses, dentists, physical therapists, and more. This conference helped me to be less afraid about talking with my patients about faith because I can have confidence that I am using the best practice supported by evidence, as well as have the opportunity to make a difference in their lives. It also allowed me to become connected with some talented healthcare professionals. I am excited to use what I learned as I work as a nurse.

This was the first time this seminar was conducted in New York City, but every year it is done in many different cities across the country. If you are a nursing major or have interest in going into the healthcare field, I suggest you look into attending this conference, whether in New York or in your hometown. It is definitely worth your time!