Global Worship

I’ve had the privilege of being a part of Ambassadors Football for several years now, an international soccer ministry. They put on soccer camps all around the world, and it is currently camps season in the US. Footballers from all over the globe come to the States to coach the camps, from small town Ohio, to London, to a village in Liberia. They come here for five weeks in total, one week of training and four weeks of camp. We have about 70 coaches at our training week this year, the training week being referred to as TREC (Training, Resourcing, and Equipping Coaches).

Every day at TREC starts out with corporate worship, believers from 25 different countries coming together to praise our Father in song. This is typically led by the host church’s worship team. On the last day of TREC, however, worship was led by some of our South African coaches, and being led by some of our own created an even deeper sense of unity as we started our day.

For those of you that are not familiar with South Africa, the nation has 11 official languages, some of the more prominent being Afrikaans, English, and Zulu. Seeing as this is so and that South Africans were leading worship, we sang praises to God in several different languages. While I like to think that I am knowledgeable and good with languages, I am not fluent in Zulu or Afrikaans. Luckily for me (and the rest of the room), the translations were written beneath the lyrics.

As I stood there worshiping beside my brothers and sisters from across the globe, I feel like I caught a glimpse of what Heaven will be like. Represented in that room by 70 people were 70 unique testimonies, 25 countries, and even more languages (apparently being trilingual is a common thing in the rest of the world). Despite the differences between us, cultural and otherwise, we were all united there for one purpose: to glorify God.

I was moved as I listened to the songs and the quiet prayers in Afrikaans, French, and other languages that I didn’t recognize.  I caught sight of a bigger picture, of a bigger and more glorious God than I had fully realized before. We know conceptually that God is more powerful, more magnificent, more creative than we could ever imagine. Yet in that moment I was surrounded by His power, majesty, and creativity from all over the globe, and I was in awe. I still am, and I pray that I will never cease to be.

Friends, I wish that I could recreate that moment for you, that you might experience it for yourself. But unless you join us in ministry next summer, I don’t know how to do that. Instead, I urge you to ask our Father to give you that glimpse, for He is actually able to do so. I urge you to go beyond conceptual knowledge and to go deeper, to belief, to awe.

Our God is staggering and awesome, in all senses of the word. Not only that, but He is gracious enough to let us enter in to His kingdom, to become His children. His glory is all around us. We only need to open our eyes, fixing them on Him and things above, and He will reveal to us more than we could ever imagine.

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