Giselle Flores Will Receive New York League of Puerto Rican Women Scholarship

Who you are when no one’s looking speaks volumes about the real you; and when you are an emerging leader, like Nyack College student Giselle Flores, you will be noticed by others when what you do is clearly a part of who you.

Giselle’s academic achievement and community service caught the attention of the New York League of Puerto Rican Women, Inc. (NYLPRW). The Brooklyn, New York-based nonprofit will honor Giselle next month at the organization’s 11th Annual Scholarship Gala by presenting her with a $1,000 scholarship.

The Nyack psychology major and assistant to an Admissions Office counselor, who will enter her junior year this coming fall, represents the fruit of Nyack’s missional legacy, which is “service to Christ and His Church and to society in a way that reflects the Kingdom of God and its ethnic diversity.”

Exemplifying Nyack’s core value of being socially relevant, Giselle has volunteered with the Center Against Domestic Violence in Lower Manhattan. She explains, “I was in the Relationship Abuse Prevention Program (RAPP) and led workshops for teens on the different types of relationship abuse and how to get out of them. I also would go to safe homes and do arts and crafts with the children.”

In her volunteer role with the Spanish Eastern District of the Assemblies of God in Queens, Giselle has organized worship services for youth groups and planned events for children and their families that included music, arts and crafts and book giveaways. About her role as an interpreter and translator for church services she shares, “It’s truly my passion because I can help other people who only speak Spanish interact with people who only speak English and vice versa.”

Just as she is concerned about the welfare and comfort of others, at Nyack College Giselle has found an environment that is perfectly suited to her needs. She shares, “I had started at a different school and withdrew on my third day of classes. Once I was at Nyack, my experience was completely different! Just stepping foot on the campus made me feel a sense of comfort and belonging. My professors are top notch, the staff is super encouraging, and the people are just friendly. You do not get that everywhere, which makes Nyack one of a kind.”