Five Things to Love about Nyack College

Pollyanna Soares was born and raised in Queens, New York. She became aware of Nyack College through her sister and several other friends who attended the Christian school. Last summer, Pollyanna applied to Nyack College herself. She made her choice to attend so last-minute, that she didn’t get her schedule until a day or two before the semester began. However, even though Pollyanna made her decision late, the Nyack College staff gave her a lot of support and helped to ensure that she was ready for the first day of classes. We spoke to Pollyanna during her second semester as a music major, and she shared the five things she loves most about Nyack College. 

The connections she’s made with her fellow students at Nyack College. “I feel like I’m already friends with everybody. It feels like a family. It’s just so easy to connect with people here. I’m usually more reserved, and here I feel like I’m more free to talk to people and connect with them and make friends. Everybody is always supportive of each other. We cheer each other on, especially in the music department.” 

The peace she experiences as a Nyack College student. “There’s an underlying peace here. Even with the stresses of classes and homework and tests, there’s just this underlying peace that I feel here knowing that we’ve got each other’s backs and that I can always count on somebody here, whether it be my teachers or my classmates.”

The unique opportunities and experiences that Nyack College offers its students. “I’m a music student, so I’m in the choral. We’re going to be singing at Lincoln Center this year, so that’s going to be fun.”

The high caliber of professors at Nyack College. “I’m getting to learn from really experienced professors. Professor Garcia, he’s so intelligent and he knows so much. Learning with him in New Testament was amazing. Professor Emmanuel is also amazing. It’s great [being exposed to] all that extra knowledge.”

The interesting and transformational courses she has taken at Nyack College. “Despite being a music student, I love the Bible classes. I took New Testament last year, and I’m taking Old Testament this semester. It’s really great to learn more about the Bible that I didn’t know from just reading it.”