Fine Print Poet: Tamar Emanuel

Is This You?
by Tamar Emanuel

Is This You? Part I:
Your disguise is in tear-filled eyes
Covered in ashes and bruises
As walls crash inward as a sign of ruins

My shouts are muted under the clamor of stress
My body is breaking down in physical distress

You’re quiet and subtle
Working in mysterious ways
To unveil God’s plan and showcase His beautiful displays

You work through the stress
And never regress;
You teach me endurance
Even when life is withered of its brilliance.

Oh Victory! Is this you?
Covered in pain and shattered in mind

Oh Victory! Is this you?
I’m screaming for your name,
But where are you?

As the darkness drew near
And the pain kicked in high gear

Why did you scream through
Blood running red,
Nail pierced hands,
A sweat filled brow,
That was taken to the cross anyhow?

Why is the stress-filled face the one you pick?
The rejected ones,
The broken ones,
Why do I meet you in the loneliest of places
And, you, seeking the most overwhelmed of faces?

Oh, Victory… is this not you I see?
Through my Savior’s eyes?
And in the darkened skies?
Oh, Victory Is this you?

Part II: [But the story doesn’t simply end there… ]
He bore our shame
To take away the blame

From the cross to the tomb,
Through the darkness He strove,
To buy freedom for our souls,
After three days He arose.

Oh Victory,
This is you!

My eyes opened wide
As I am standing by His side.

Oh Victory, release your cry!

“Oh death where is your sting?
Bow before the resurrected King!”


Tamar Emanuel is from Suffern, NY. She is a senior working towards a Master of Science/Bachelor of Science in Childhood Special Education with a music minor. In her free time, she enjoys running, playing piano, going on adventures with friends, and experiencing God through the creative writing process. She is inspired by the works of C.S. Lewis.