Fine Print Poet: Ruth H Baisden Crutch

Why Not Me?
by Ruth H Baisden Crutch

“Why you?”, she asked
“Why not me?” I replied.
Why not me to carry a cross that no one should have to and too many bear?
Why not me to pray “please let this cup pass from me!!!”?
Why not me to suffer so that glory can be revealed?
Why not me to visit a dark valley that I feared would become my abode?
Why not me to surrender hope to divine sovereignty?
Why not me to carry faith in one hand and unanswered prayer in the other?
Why not me to endure the whispers; the questions?
What did she do, not do and in between? Did she bring this on herself?
Why not me to hear the Father say, “I have walked where you walk and I feel your pain.”
Why not me to be left with questions unanswered?
To trade the burden of understanding for the gift of peace?
Why not me to sing a song in a strange land? To turn the place of pain into a place of springs?
Why not me to shed the cloak of entitlement to don the garments of grace?
Why not me to be sown into the soil of sorrow to await joy’s harvest?
Why not me?

Ruth H Baisden Crutch is a Caribbean born author and wellness coach in bloom. She is most alive when writing or sharing transformational experiences. Shakespeare and Michael Anthony help guide her pen.