Fine Print Poet: Emmanuel Jean-Pierre

A New Song for a New Season
by Emmanuel Jean-Pierre

I don’t even know what day it is
I only know what they say it is

As I sit here watching the whole world stop
I can’t help but sing old songs and play old beats
Cuz it’s seven o’clock on the dot
But nobody’s cruisin the streets

I watch facebook memories pop up
Hanging out with friends back in the day
And I can’t help but say
That I Want it That Way

I watch the ones on the frontlines
The grocery and healthcare workers
While we’re livin’ on a prayer,
They’re working under pressure

My introvert is celebrating
But my extrovert’s internally bleeding
Cuz quarantine’s killin’ me softly
But online sermons tell me don’t stop believin’

But it feels like the End of the Road
People killin, people dyin,
Children hurtin’ hear them cryin’

We’re losing loved ones
Our mothers, fathers,
Aunts, uncles,
Sons and daughters

So when it gets too hard to watch
The horror play on screen
When the old songs get too old
I switch to my new favorite symphony

My favorite memes

But no matter how much we laugh
The jokes and posts can’t out last
The sorrow and the pain
Drowns out the fun and games

So I still hear the old songs playing
As I go from watching now to waiting
Wondering when we won’t be under the C of COVID-19

Looking at my neighbors and wishing
I could be part of their world
Wondering when we could just beat it
And be together again

But as I sing these old songs
And go from watching to waiting
And I look to You God and ask that You’d think of me
That You’d think of us fondly

Because we’re running out of songs to sing

Running out of faith to bring
Running out of stones to sling
At the crown of this corona

We’ve been watching
We’ve been waiting
We’ve been wondering
We’ve been weeping

Now we’re calling on Your name
As we worship You
We’re keeping

All the things You’ve done in mind
Would you do them again this time

I remember how You healed me
When I was doing parkour

I remember how You provided
Housing and a job
When I didn’t know what was in store

I remember how You freed students from addictions
How You helped them pass classes
Despite their own predictions

I remember how You got us through the first announcement
And the second and the third
So You’ll get us through this
Cuz You’re a Man of Your Word

Now our wineskins are bursting
But we know that means You’re working
Cuz what we did in the past hasn’t been able to last
Because You’re doing a new thing

So as the old songs fade out
We watch and wait for Your new song to fade in

Because though You’re the same yesterday, today, and forever
Your mercies are new and they never
Run out or run dry now, then, or whenever

So in this new season
Give us a new reason
To worship You and stand strong
Give us a new word, give us a new song

Emmanuel Jean-Pierre received his Master of Divinity degree at Alliance Theological Seminary. He enjoys writing poetry, spoken word, but most of all, science fiction and fantasy novels. He has self-published two books: “The Book of Elyon” and “The Legend of Vartanis.” He also served as the campus chaplain for the Nyack College Rockland campus. He and his wife, Yolanda, enjoy ministering, hiking, and playing video games together.