Fine Print Poet and Faculty Advisor: Professor Beverley Locke

My Mother’s Child
by Professor Beverley Locke

I am my mother’s child:
Head erect through the difficult times; so much so no one knows the season
Nor toil.

I am my mother’s child:
Hands outstretched – even when I’ve nothing left to give –
Keeping less than I’ll need.

I am my mother’s child:
Toiling past the time required, seeking the comfort of others,
Breaking down the walls of separation; the more poignant goal – getting to the root of the matter.

I am my mother’s child:
Body weary, Spirit Strong, hopeful heart, because I carry a hidden treasure…

I am my mother’s child:
Faith Abounding, eyes’ gaze upward, with an unwavering focus on He Who Reigns.

For modeling Strong Faith through the vicissitudes of life …
For holding onto God’s unchanging hand …
For not always being caught up by what you could see …

I am today and tomorrow, yesterday and
My Mother’s child.

Professor Beverley Locke is a lecturer of English in the Nyack College School of Arts and Sciences, and the director of The Writing Center, having developed the Center since 2006.  She is the faculty advisor of “The Fine Print” and “Fine Print, Too.” With two earned master’s degrees (MA in English and MEd in Education) from Teachers College, Columbia University,  Professor Locke has a solid background in Writing Center theory and practices. She has attended several writing center conferences and presented qualitative research on the design of Nyack’s Writing Center. Her most recent initiative, “Get Creative! Redesigning the Writing Center Through the Use of Creative Arts Events” was presented at the National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing (NCPTW) at Hofstra University, NY in the fall of 2017. Professor Locke believes in the value of team collaboration and presents her work alongside her Writing Center team. She continues to research writing theories and pedagogies and develop new initiatives for the Writing Center, which serves both undergraduate and graduate students at the Manhattan and Online campuses.