February Alumni Spotlight on WNYK 88.7 FM: Isa Agape

A singer-songwriter who tenderizes hearts–with the force of  her gentle voice and the soul-stirring strum of her guitar or the caress of a keyboard.

A photographer whose lens captures her communion with the majesty of nature.

An insightful warrior woman who compassionately listens and hears the guests that populate her podcast, “Chasing Light.”

A trailblazer for women adventurous enough to circle a campfire, climb a mountain, navigate waters and brave enough to “unplug and recharge”–just enough to discover or recover joy and laughter on a “Dirt Princess Life” journey.

Meet Isa Agape.

Nyack’s Warrior Radio WNYK 88.7 FM will air the music of 2002 alumna (Isaminely Couvertier) throughout the month of February. You can also experience the musical gifting of Isa and fellow alum Jon Thurlow (’03) who will both return to the Hillside and lead worship in chapel on February 15 at 10:00 AM and at an evening of worship at 7:00 PM in Pardington Hall, 45 South Boulevard on the Rockland County campus of Nyack College.

Tune in to catch this amazing psalmist minister hope from her heart to yours.