February 25 | Official Statement from President Michael G. Scales

The following announcement was made by President Michael Scales to Nyack Rockland campus undergraduate students on Monday, February 25, 2019.

Nyack College and Alliance Theological Seminary continues to move steadily toward repositioning all of our programs to our Manhattan campus. As I shared with you last month, we received full approval from the New York State Board of Regents and the final permission necessary to move ahead with this plan.

God is planning a bright future for Nyack College and Alliance Theological Seminary in New York City. We are grateful that many of you plan to be part of that future.

As we continue to work toward making this transition, two things are becoming very clear. First, it is clear that it will require additional time for us to finalize the acquisition of the Jersey City property that will become our residential facility for undergraduate students. Let me repeat, we are finalizing this agreement and the property in Jersey City will be a wonderful part of your undergraduate experience at Nyack College. For those of you who plan to continue your studies on the NYC campus and to live in the Jersey City residence facility, you can look forward to the following upgrade in residential features and amenities being planned for you. They include:

• Private bathrooms in each unit
• Private kitchenette equipped with a refrigerator and a microwave in each unit
• Central air-conditioning
• A study lounge with computers
• A community fitness center
• An Eatery in the residence hall with a variety of options for residential students (in addition to a food truck that will operate at the 2 Washington Street campus.)

These new features of residential living—room and board—will cost $10,000; this price is thousands less than other colleges in the metropolitan New York area.

If you have not done so already, I encourage you to look at the model of the student apartments on display in the field house. We are committed to taking the time to complete the construction of these residence units with excellence. We are building high quality units. To do this right, it will require additional time.

Another important factor in communicating this information is that you need and deserve clarity about the fall 2019 and you need it now! The Board of Trustees and the Administration has unanimously agreed on the following:

We have decided to continue undergraduate classes and residence life here on the Rockland campus for the fall 2019 semester. Again, we will continue undergraduate classes and residence life here on the Rockland campus for the fall 2019 semester. This was not our original plan nor our original timeframe, but we believe this course of action provides the time needed to both secure and build the residence hall and also give you the definitive information you need now.

When you begin classes here in September, you can know you will have the entire semester here. This new timeline is for resident undergraduate students only. All graduate programs including Alliance Theological Seminary will transition to Manhattan as originally planned for the fall 2019 semester.

Make no mistake…Nyack College and ATS is moving forward with repositioning all programs to our Manhattan campus. There is no turning back. And God has affirmed this decision in numerous ways. Still, this adjustment to our plan provides the best possible stewardship of the Jersey City opportunity and more importantly, this adjustment best meets the needs of the students God has entrusted to us.

Personally, I am eager to make the move to our City campus and to begin the next chapter in the history of Nyack College and Alliance Theological Seminary. I know God is planning a bright future for us in New York City. Still, I receive this change in plans as God setting His timing for this move and His way of leading and providing for all of us during this transition.

May God bless you!