Feb 17 & 24 | Song Composition Workshops Hosted by The Writing Center

The Nyack College Writing Center will present two song composition workshops conducted by talented Nyack School of Music students, Martherson Bernabe and Rigoberto Hubert. Two virtual Wednesday sessions will be held on February 17 and 24 from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM on Zoom.

Feb 17 & 24 | Song Composition Workshops Hosted by The Writing CenterMartherson Bernabe was born in Aquin, located in the south of Haiti, where his interest in music developed at a young age. After completing primary school in 2005, his parents decided he should complete college studies in Jamaica, West Indies. He explains, “While I was there, I got great exposure to some world-class music, which has made a great impact on my music career. Every day my love for music grew stronger. I dedicated a lot of time to learning how to play by ear, which has helped me to develop my ability to improvise on any music, regardless of the key or genre. Nevertheless, I didn’t want to stop there. The desire to keep learning has led me to Nyack College. I am currently pursuing a BA in music to enhance my overall skillset and to provide the edge needed to be a well-rounded musician.”

Feb 17 & 24 | Song Composition Workshops Hosted by The Writing CenterRigoberto Hubert, a native of Colón, Panama, grew up with Latin, Afro-Cuban, Caribbean, disco and jazz musical influences. After migrating to Brooklyn, NY in 1982, it was shortly after high school that his musical journey began. For more than 25 years, Rigoberto has ministered with his peers locally and abroad. Among his credits as a recording artist is his role as bass player and songwriter for the group, SHABACH, on the project entitled, “I Will Worship Him.” He currently serves as Pastor of Worship, Music & Arts at Kingdom People International Fellowship in Brooklyn, where his wife, Dr. Dina Hubert is the founder and senior pastor.

Emerging songwriters should not miss these events!