Faculty and Staff Service Awards at Nyack College and ATS

The dedicated service of Nyack College and Alliance Theological Seminary faculty and staff was celebrated at a recent virtual gathering.

Praise for faithful dedication to the institution was expressed to 30-year employee, Dr. Miguel Sanchez, assistant professor of sociology/criminal justice and two 25-year employees, Dr. Lyndell O’Hara, professor of history and Ms. Cheryl Felmlee, online and research librarian.

Faculty and Staff Service Awards at Nyack College and ATS
Dr. Miguel Sanchez

President Michael Scales fondly spoke of his longtime friendship with Dr. Sanchez and applauded his dedication to drive into the boroughs of Manhattan to visit families of prospective students, which resulted in hundreds of new enrollees at the College. Dr. Scales cited the integrity and professionalism of the professor who rose through the ranks from associate admissions director to the classroom.

Faculty and Staff Service Awards at Nyack College and ATS
Dr. Lyndell O’Hara

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs David Turk called Dr. O’Hara “an educational visionary,” who was one of the very first Nyack professors to develop an online course. Dr. Turk commented, “In the early 1990’s Dell worked with members of her church in Lower Manhattan to form a Bible Institute and in 1995, she persuaded then Nyack President Dr. David Schroeder to make that Institute an educational site of Nyack College and to offer the first two years of a Nyack bachelor’s degree. Spurred on by student calls for a four-year degree and her desire to see Nyack become a force for Christian higher education in New York City, Dell was able to assist Dr. Schroeder in convincing the Trustees to expand the offerings at the Church St. location in Lower Manhattan.”

Faculty and Staff Service Awards at Nyack College and ATS
Cheryl Felmlee

Alliance Theological Seminary Dean Dr. Ron Walborn shared remarks about theological librarian Cheryl Felmlee.  “Her professionalism, godly collegiality, kind and patient spirit, and extensive knowledge as a theological librarian present a monumental contribution to the life of the seminary. In addition, Cheryl has been an important part of our Doctor of Ministry program, which has a strong research component. She has participated in and contributed greatly to our faculty discourse. Having cultivated an expert knowledge of our curriculum and course content, she is also a master of a considerable collection of library and research materials.”

The following individuals were acknowledged for their years of service to the College and Seminary.

5 Years of Service: Jeffrey Aumend and Amalia Mercado

10 Years of Service: Dr. DeVonne Allen, Cari Davis, Dr. Jeffrey Dueck, Dr. David Emanuel, Loida Ortiz and Danielle Shin

15 Years of Service: Dr. Charles Hammond, Dr. Jack Wiltshire and Jamila Wright

20 Years of Service: Beverley Crawford-Locke, Deborah Harris, Sam Lim, Kristen Luba, Doreen Reed, Dr. Glen Shellrude, Miriam Velez, Dr. Wanda Walborn

Dr. Scott Reitz (Director of Global Service-Learning; Intercultural Studies), Dr. Cleotha Robertson (Old Testament) , Dr. Miguel Sanchez (Criminal Justice/Sociology) and Dr. Rexi Thomas (Nursing) were all promoted from assistant professor to associate professor.

The campus community congratulates these extraordinary men and women who serve Nyack and ATS students and the institution with exceptional commitment.