Experiential Learning: The Theology of Disability at Haven Camp

Dr. Frank Chan, professor of biblical and theological studies in Nyack’s College of Bible and Christian Ministry offers an independent study to Nyack College students called the “Theology of Disability” which has an enriching experiential learning component.

Recently Dr. Chan (pictured with a camper) took two students, Josiah Cumberbatch and Andrew Bischopring, with him to serve as caregivers for intellectually and physically disabled individuals at “Harvest” Haven Camp, a gospel camp for individuals with special needs at Delta Lake Conference Center in Rome, NY. Their responsibilities included assisting in feeding, bathing, dressing, playing sports or group games, crafts and also clarifying or reinforcing Bible lessons.

Based on their reading in disability studies, the Nyack students write an “experience in relation to literature” paper for college credit. This spring another student, Jennifer Cunio, worked at the “Memorial Day” Haven Camp. The next service-learning opportunity will be November 1-3 for “Fall” Haven Camp.

“The great thing about the Haven Camp staff is that they are all willing to go the extra mile for the sake of the gospel,” comments Dr. Chan. “I’ve always felt the same spirit of going the extra mile for the sake of the gospel is in our Nyack students, which is why I like taking them to Haven.”

For more information on the independent study course, Theology of Disability, contact Dr. Chan at frank.chan@nyack.edu.