Easter Love

The emergence of pastel colors, colored chocolate eggs, rabbits, and Sunday church outfits mean that it’s time for Easter! Of course, we know these things aren’t what Easter is about, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy them. The trick is to enjoy the benefits of these kinds of holidays without letting the benefits get in the way of the real reason for the season. Let’s take Christmas as an example, the spirit of giving is an amazing thing to enjoy during Christmas, as long as you don’t make it all about the presents you received (and make sure to thank God for those presents, too.) So eat your Peeps! Go on that Easter egg hunt! Buy that new Easter outfit! He is risen! Let’s celebrate!

Easter is one of those holidays where the true meaning is pretty much understood. Easter is one of the 2 – maybe 3 if you count Mother’s Day – times of the year that churches are a little fuller than usual (Christmas is the 3rd day). Those who grew up in church and strayed away, along with those who never steadily went to church in their life, tend to gravitate towards a church on Easter; sometimes they’re invited by a friend, and sometimes they journey in on their own accord. Either way, churches know this time of year is big, so they go all out. The resurrection story is a staple in the service, and the love of Jesus is on full display. In fact, it’s a wonderful time to inform people about Jesus’ love and how it’s perfectly accessible to all.

In my opinion, the love of God is a big focal point of the Easter weekend; I say the whole weekend because Good Friday is a big part of it as well. Yes, He resurrected on the third day, but on the first day, He went through a world of pain and suffering, just for us. In America, Good Friday isn’t as widely celebrated as Easter Sunday is – and we certainly don’t dress up for it, maybe because it’s a heavy thing to think about. But be that as it may, it’s an important day to celebrate because it truly depicts Jesus’ love for us. It’s a sobering and humbling day.

However, Easter is the day we turn up.

What do you mean the tomb is empty? They just put Him in there like a couple days ago. They had guards and everything. An angel visited Mary? Seriously? Wait, Peter actually SAW the tomb… and Jesus seriously wasn’t in there? Wait, so where is He? Who took Him? Or is He alive? Omg, He’s alive!

He is risen! He conquered death like no one else can. He died and was resurrected from the dead because He is the Son of God, and He loves us. He loves you. Bask in God’s love for you this Good Friday, and have a happy Easter Sunday!