Dr. Wanda Walborn Receives an Associated Church Press Award of Excellence

Dr. Wanda Walborn (ATS ’03; NC ’84), a Nyack College professor, Director of Spiritual Formation and Director of the C&MA’s Metro District Empower program for women, recently received the Associated Church Press (ACP) Award of Excellence for service journalism. This prestigious recognition was announced at the spring convention of the Associated Church Press held in Chicago, IL for her article, “Why Am I So Angry?,” which was published in the January/February 2018 issue Alliance Life.

The Associated Church Press, founded in 1916, is the oldest interdenominational religious press association in North America and is an international community of communication professionals. ACP recognizes the best work in print and electronic publications, as well as in social media and visual communications, published during the previous year.

Congratulations, to Nyack’s own Dr. Wanda Walborn!