Dr. R. Steven Notley Engages New Audiences on Excavation Findings

Nyack’s Distinguished Professor of New Testament and Christian Origins and Director of Graduate Programs in Ancient Judaism and Christian Origins, Dr. R. Steven Notley was invited to address audiences in person and on a radio broadcast about his work as the academic director of the El Araj Excavation Project in Israel.

Both national and international media have applauded the phenomenal work of the teams searching for first-century Bethsaida-Julias, the lost city of the Apostles. Nyack faculty and students have participated in the dig along with Israeli Bible scholars in the fields of historical geography and Ancient Judaism and Christian origins and other international team members.

On January 23 and 24, Dr. Notley will be the guest speaker for the Robert C. Cooley Center for the Study of Early Christianity Lecture Series at Gordon-Conwell Seminary in Charlotte, North Carolina. Dr. Notley will present findings from the last four years of work done by archaeologists and volunteers from Kinneret College and Nyack College.

Dr. Notley was also recently a Kevin McCullough Radio guest on AM 570 the Mission, where he shared with the host about his excavation work in Israel. Listen to the interview, which begins at approximately 17.25m.