Dr. Louis DeCaro Awarded John Brown Society Silver Medal

Dr. Louis DeCaro, Jr., director of Alliance Theological Seminary on the New York City campus was presented with a 2017 Silver Medal by Larry Lawrence, John Brown Society president, in recognition of his more than two decades of prolific biographical work about Brown, the Christian abolitionist and warrior for racial equality. Norman Thomas Marshall, the starring actor and co-writer of a one-man show about John Brown’s life was a second recipient.

In addition to his articles, essays and blog posts about John Brown, Dr. DeCaro’s published books include “John Brown Speaks: Letters and Statements from Charlestown” (2015); “Freedom’s Dawn: The Last Days of John Brown in Virginia” (2015); “John Brown, Emancipator” (2012); “John Brown: The Man Who Lived” (2008); “John Brown: The Cost of Freedom” (2007) and “Fire from the Midst of You: A Religious Life of John Brown” (2002).

The John Brown Society was founded in New York City in 1989 by independent activist and grassroots scholar, Larry Lawrence. The board of the Society is comprised of an array of scholars and activists, including leading Civil War scholars Eric Foner (Columbia University) and David Blight (Yale University). Periodically the John Brown Society awards the silver medal to recognize cultural achievements in the study or artistic portrayal of John Brown, or generally to scholars or artists who have advanced an appreciation of the historic struggle for racial justice in the United States.

A professor of church history and a variety of history and theology courses at ATS for a dozen years, Louis DeCaro, Jr. was named director of the Seminary in 2016.

Congratulations, Dr. DeCaro!