Video: A Degree in Social Work Right for You?

Is a degree in social work right for you? There are many colleges that offer this degree. At Nyack College, see how we’re different. See how, if you come here, you’ll be much more than a number or even just another student in the classroom. As a candidate for a master’s degree in social work, you will be cared for as you pursue your profession.

Meet Assistant Professor James Long of the School of Social Work. Learn about what it’s like to get an education at Nyack College NYC.

What is something you love about the School of Social Work at Nyack College?

Professor Long: One of the things I love about social work is that it’s about helping people, helping people that are in need, helping people that are underprivileged, helping people that are struggling in life. They just need somebody to come alongside for them and care for them, help them, be compassionate, listen to them.

I think one of the key elements [at the School of Social Work] is that you could teach theoretically, but then you have to live it practically. So what I try to do with my students is to be practical in these methods that we talk about. I want to show some level of integrity when we meet with them. I want to be able to connect with my students. I want to try to understand them and listen to them. And as I do that, hopefully, they’re going to apply those same principles that they’re seeing from me, that they’re seeing in the classroom, that they’re going to be able to apply in their field work.

How does a degree in social work impact your students?

Professor Long: One of the joys of doing this job [at Nyack College School of Social Work] is being able to actually see people grow. You’re looking to hone them. You’re looking to influence them. You’re looking to see them mature, and we’ve been able to see, as we’ve nurtured people through … we’ve seen them grow in integrity. We’ve seen them being nurtured. We see their personal relationships start to change, and not only their personal relationships, but now their practice relationships, their professional relationships. And we’ve had the opportunity to see that in a number of ways.