College Life Beyond a Cliché

I was nervous to go to a new state for college and have a new life, but I knew that God was in control. He gave me peace that calmed any anxiety I had and erased all my fears. I have confidence that he will do the same in my journey in college and career. It sounds cliché – a small town, country girl moves to New York for college to write. That is exactly what I did. I picked up my bags and said the line that so many others before me have said, “I want to make it in New York.” I watched one Pennsylvania farm after the other pass by, and my life began to change. The only reaIMG_9792son that kept me from turning back was knowing that I was headed where I knew I belonged.

My experience to Nyack College was like no other, and I believe that God put people and opportunities in place to push me towards Nyack and ultimately to rely on him. Now that I am at Nyack, my life is becoming less of a cliché. Not to say that I do not fall into the many college or striving writer stereotypes, but I have become less of the character of my dreams but the character of my reality. From this moment on, I can choose what paths I take that will define my future. This can be terrifying, but at the same time it can be liberating.

In my favorite book, Wuthering Heights, Emily Brontë writes, “I’ve dreamt in my life dreams that have stayed with me ever after, and changed my ideas; they’ve gone through and through me, like wine through water, and altered the colour of my mind.” I can assure you that I am in no way in the same mental state as Cathy, but this quote always applies to life no matter what chapter I am in. I have realized that dreams are so integrated into our beings that no matter what they become a central part of who we are as humans. In college, our career paths may change over time, but we always carry with us the same desires. I may change my writing track or pursue various writing opportunities that are not specific to my major’s concentration, but I will always want to write.

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I am not justifying the cliché “follow your heart,” but I am explaining that college is the time to understand not only who you want to be but also how you want to get there. College is a path many take to reach their desired destination. The destination I have in mind is a goal; it is not necessarily my endpoint. Although I do not know exactly where I am headed, I know that I will be where I belong.