Christian Thought Leader Anne Snyder Puts a Spotlight on Nyack

Anne Snyder, journalist, author and new editor-in-chief of Comment, a prominent Christian thought publication, was a guest speaker at a Nyack College President’s Hall of Distinction Hall Brunch just a few years ago. The message she presented at Nyack’s pre-commencement event summarized a contrast of audiences she had recently experienced: one a gathering of educated elite and the other a ceremony for the elated just to be educated. “Why Nyack Gives Me Hope,” was the title of her remarks after witnessing the College’s core value of social relevance as an outcome of community development.

For Anne Snyder, nearly five years later the contrast of two worlds still burns in her heart. Last week at the celebration of her new role at Comment and A New Era of Voices, in her speech “Turning the Tide,” Anne recapped those two experiences and shared with a new audience a clip from a Nyack College commencement. The video and the full text of her speech express a commitment to “a new kind of engagement with one another.” In her role as editor-in-chief, she aims to position Comment to engage “a long and unpredictable table that seats elite next to commoner, scholar next to practitioner, black next to white, able-bodied next to handicapped, young next to old, rich next to poor, privileged next to overlooked, immigrant next to indigenous.”

Comment is a publication of Cardus, “a non-partisan, faith-based think tank and registered charity dedicated to promoting a flourishing society through independent research, robust public dialogue, and thought-provoking commentary.”