Chrislyn Reed: A Homecoming of Her Own

Chrislyn Reed was among the company of performers recently with Nyack College School of Music at Steinway Hall in Manhattan. The 1989 alumna and her husband, Scott, traveled all the way from Indiana so that she could participate in the event that showed Nyack musicians at their finest. For Chrislyn, it was like returning for a personal homecoming.

Now the Director of Publications for the PraiseGathering Music Group in Anderson, IN, she commented, “From the moment I arrived, I was so welcomed by both faculty and students. The Steinway Showroom was spectacular. What a wonderful opportunity for the students to get to perform there. I’m sure it’s something they will never forget. The talent and musicianship of the faculty and students was astonishing. I loved the variety of singers and instrumentalists. The recital was professional, but at the same time, it felt warm and comfortable, like everyone supported each other—a very sweet atmosphere.”

Prior to the performance, Chrislyn had time to spend with the students in a practice room where they did what musicians love most—lifting their voices and playing their instruments. She said, “It felt like college again. I loved it!”

Memories of her time at Nyack are still treasured moments. A two-time winner of the Piano Performance Competition, Chrislyn fondly remembers Dr. Paul Liljestrand being her piano instructor for her four years at Nyack. “He was an amazing man. He was also the Music Director of Calvary Baptist Church in the City during that time. One Sunday, he took me into the City and I got to experience a worship service with him playing the organ and conducting the choir.”

Following the Steinway Hall performance, the cast of performers and special guests visited John’s Pizzeria in Times Square, the former Gospel Tabernacle founded by Dr. A.B. Simpson. Though it was not Chrislyn’s first time at the famed-church-turned-pizzeria, she was impressed to see how remnants of the place of worship, like the stained glass windows, the staircase and prints on the wall, were still retained.

“It’s such a special thing to have a place that points us back to the very beginning of Nyack and the Alliance and all they stand for.” She adds, “Oh, and the pizza was amazing! We don’t have New York-style pizza in Indiana and I’ve missed it!”

Before returning home, the Reeds were able to tour the Nyack Battery Park campus. Her former boss when she was a student working in downtown Nyack at Coury’s Antiques is today Nyack’s Executive Vice President and Treasurer Dr. David Jennings. Her response to the grand tour? “Amazing! What an awesome space for students to learn and grow. The vision is strong for Nyack and I’m so thankful that even though the Rockland campus is closing, new and wonderful opportunities are still happening. Nyack holds a very special place in my heart. I am blessed!”

Photo (l-r): Scott Reed, Chrislyn Reed, Hannah Jennings, Cindy Jennings and David Jennings.