Celebrating the Consecration Ceremony of Dr. Amy Davis Abdallah

A consecration service for Dr. Amy Davis Abdallah was held recently at Risen King Alliance Church in New City, NY where Dr. Michael Plunket is lead pastor.

The Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA) defines consecration as “the public recognition and affirmation of God’s call to women for a lifetime of service. This call, distinct from human vocational choice, is exercised through God-given and Holy Spirit empowered giftedness for an effective witness about Jesus Christ and proclamation of biblical truth for the purpose of reconciling people to God and equipping God’s people to fulfill the Great Commission to ‘make disciples of all nations.’” Following C&MA consecration, women carry the distinction of Consecrated Woman in Ministry (CWM).

Participants in the service were personally selected by Dr. Davis Abdallah and represented significant relationships in her life. Among the pulpit guests were Father Guiseppe Finiscalchi, a Catholic priest and Franciscan Friar; Mrs. Carol Batten, director of Women’s Ministry at Fellowship Alliance Chapel; and Subdeacon Stratos Mandalakis, Protopsaltis of St. Anthony Orthodox Church.

Celebrating the Consecration Ceremony of Dr. Amy Davis AbdallahA 2002 alumna of the Alliance Theological Seminary (ATS) Master of Divinity program, Dr. Davis Abdallah is a professor at Nyack College and at ATS. She also is the founder of a rite of passage program, “Woman,” which is the subject of her doctoral dissertation and her life-transforming book,  The Book of Womanhood. Consistent with her fondness for symbols, she selected four individuals with significant impact on her life to share remarks that would be thematic with a word each associates with her. “Exacting” was the word shared in Charge One presented by Dr. Wanda Walborn, ATS associate professor, acknowledging her friend and colleague as a woman of excellence. Dr. Ron Walborn, vice president and dean of ATS spoke of an increase of “Spirit Vision” for her family and her students in Charge Two. “Create” and “Family” were the words in Charge Three shared by Bedford Community Church Executive Pastor Sarah Samson, who commented on Dr. Davis Abdallah’s shepherd’s heart for creating and valuing family. In Charge Four, Pastor Plunket spoke of a “consecrated person” as one having potential for what has not been seen and what is coming.

C&MA Metro District Superintendent Rev. Kelvin Walker officiated the ceremony of consecration and vows. He invited two other consecrated women—Dr. Wanda Walborn and Pastor Sarah Samson to join him in the laying on of hands and consecration prayers.

Four symbolic consecration gifts were presented to Dr. Davis Abdallah. A painting by Risen King Pastor of Spiritual Life, Mrs. Lisa Plunket; a stole presented by Ms. Xelena Santiago; a cross presented by Dr. Leena Mathew; and clerical dress presented by her son, Jaohar and husband, Ghiath Abdallah.

Not only was the service symbolic, but Dr. Davis Abdallah pointed out the symbols that accessorized her attire for the day: a shawl made by mother-in-law; her wedding ring; a much “coveted” ring gifted to her by her mother; a bracelet made by her grandfather; her Ph.D. ring; her necklace from Woman, the rite of passage program she founded; and her C&MA Empower program necklace. Each treasured item represented people who have helped form who she is today.

The process of consecration was one Dr. Davis Abdallah initially considered a practical one—one she “had to do.” With gratitude to all involved, she described the journey to becoming a Consecrated Woman in Ministry, “humbling” and “transforming.”

The campus community extends congratulations to Dr. Davis Abdallah on yet another milestone moment in her life.