CCCU President Reacts to Nyack College’s Move

Dr. Shirley Hoogstra is the president of the Council for Christian Colleges and University (CCCU). In 2017, she contributed to the book, Diversity Matters by writing the foreword: “A Fierce Resolve toward Unifying Grace.” The publication also included a chapter written by Nyack’s provost, Dr. David Turk, who discussed Nyack College’s core value of being intentionally diverse.

Last week when Nyack College announced the closure of the Rockland Campus, Dr. Shirley Hoogstra made this official statement: “I am excited to learn of the move Nyack is making. As a leader in campus diversity, Nyack’s presence in New York City positions it to transform lives by providing scholarship based in biblical truth. Thoughtful and innovative decisions position Nyack to continue their leadership role in Christian higher education for generations to come. I congratulate them for their planning and preparation as they advance the cause of Christ-centered higher education in New York City.”

We, at Nyack College and Alliance Theological Seminary, are encouraged by the support of institutions and individuals who understand our mission and what truly makes us Nyack College. For more information about Nyack in New York City, please visit our website.