College of Bible and Christian Ministry

March 6 | Why We Study the Bible

Faculty members of Nyack’s College of Bible and Christian Ministry will host a special event, “Why We Study the Bible,” Wednesday, March 6 on the New York City campus, 2 Washington Street from 6:30-8:30 PM […]

Alliance Theological Seminary

Our ChurchTogether Panelists

We are bringing together a dynamite group of panelists for the #ChurchTogether conference on November 10 at the Nyack College Manhattan Campus. Registration is still available. My assignment was to find pairs (a man and a […]

College of Bible and Christian Ministry

Video: Meet Professor Carlos Velez, Pastoral Ministry

The Nyack College Pastoral Ministry department equips men and women to successfully serve the church and not-for-profit organizations locally and globally. We also prepare students to be ministers in the workplace in any professional context. We focus […]