Carey Lindemann Penney Class of 1999

Cary Lindemann

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“Dr Julien was probably one of my favorite professors, It really felt like he challenged the way we process information, and the way we look at things, the way we think about topics and things like that. We would take a speech and analyze it and kind of look at both sides of the speech. It was in the rhetoric classes that I took through him.

“I think it really formed how I process information and look at things and kind of look at the world, because I have my viewpoint, but my viewpoint is very largely based on my childhood, my experience, my family, all of those kinds of things and someone else’s viewpoint isn’t any less valid, it’s just different. They have a totally different experience than I do. I kind of like looking at other people’s viewpoints, why do they view the world the way they do? And I think Nyack gave me a safe place to ask those questions to find the answers for myself, nobody gave me an answer, ‘oh carey, here’s why we love Jesus, why Jesus is so important.’ They kind of gave me space to find that answer for myself.” -Carey

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Rebekah is a Junior at Nyack College. She was a Pastor's Kid in Washington State, and Ontario, Canada from when she was born until 2006. Then she became a Missionary Kid from 2006-2016 in Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Rebekah is currently studying Business and is loving it so far. She loves building stronger connections with her friends and having family time. Family is very important to Rebekah and has always been close to them.