Biblical Archaeology Review Spring 2020 Features Dr. R. Steven Notley and Dr. Mordechai Aviam

Dr. R. Steven Notley (l) of Nyack College and Dr. Mordechai Aviam (r) of Kinneret College.

The spring 2020 issue of Biblical Archaeology Review (BAR) online was recently released to digital and all-access subscribers with a cover story, “Where Exactly Was Biblical Bethsaida?” This March-April edition includes an article co-written by Nyack’s Distinguished Professor of New Testament and Christian Origins and Director of Graduate Programs in Ancient Judaism and Christian Origins Dr. R. Steven Notley and his colleague, Dr. Mordechai Aviam of the Kinneret Institute for Galilean Archaeology at Kinneret College in Israel. The website also includes an exclusive interview with Drs. Notley and Aviam in Bible History Daily.

With two locations debated as the fishing village on the Sea of Galilee, Drs. Notley and Aviam present their case for the real Bethsaida based on their findings during their archaeological dig in Israel, the El Araj Excavation Project (EAEP).

In 2017, the EAEP uncovered evidence of the ancient city, Bethsaida-Julias. This breakthrough incited a media blitz that circled the globe including coverage by National Geographic, USA Today, Newsweek, Times of Israel, Jerusalem Post, “The Today Show,” Fox and the History News Network.

PHOTO CREDIT: Zachary Wong