Bible Prof Dr. Amy Davis Abdallah : Pursuing Higher Learning

Being taught by scholars who are lifelong learners is an immeasurable bonus to the quality of education provided to Nyack College and Alliance Theological Seminary students.

Professor of Theology and Bible Dr. Amy Davis Abdallah spent a part of her summer as one of 20 scholars from around the world selected by Fuller Theological Seminary to participate in one of three psychological science seminars funded by a Templeton Foundation Grant. Her cohort studied the “Restoration of Human Nature” segment of the “TheoPsych: Bringing Theology to Mind,” seminar. Two other cohorts studied, “The Created and Fallen Image of God” and Completely Human, Completely Divine.” All three sections explored the question, “What new insights concerning human nature may be discovered when theology and psychological science are brought together?”

“The online format did not hinder the creators of the “TheoPsych” seminar,” explains Dr. Davis Abdallah. “They and my fellow participants challenged and broadened my understanding of both theology and psychology. I have been equipped with greater ability to integrate disciplines and partner with God’s restoration of humanity in the Kingdom.”

She adds, “My research, still ongoing, is on imposter phenomenon (also called syndrome) in women in hierarchical Christian contexts. I’m doing literature review to see if developing the virtues of humility and magnanimity might restore a proper personal perspective and negate impostor phenomenon.”

Seminar attendees are eligible to apply for up to $15,000 to further their scholarship on the topic of the seminar program. A Nyack professor since 2002, Dr. Davis Abdallah is also in the process of applying for grant money that will support her plans to write a new book on creating meaningful rituals for people in transition. It would combine worship theology, ritual theory, and psychology (specifically lifespan development, grief/loss and identity development. The target audience for her book will be ministers and mentors.

Passionate about encouraging Christian women to expand the Kingdom of God through the Metro District Christian and Missionary Alliance program for women, Empower, she is the founder and director of Woman, the rite of passage program for Nyack College female students in their senior year of studies. She also teaches worship at Alliance Theological Seminary. The author of The Book of Womanhood, she has been published in Everbloom, The Wonder Years, and by Christianity Today, CBE International, Redbud Writers Guild, InterVarsity Fellowship, and Missio Alliance.