Becoming an Education Major

One of my favorite things to do during freshman orientation week is to march up to a random table in the cafeteria, and ask a group of freshmen about their stories (there are perks to being an upperclassmen. You can do that kind of stuff). Everyone comes to college with a pocketful of stories. One of the stories everyone has is how they ended up in their major. The reasons offered are as varied and interesting as the diverse student population we have at Nyack. I’d like to tell you the story of how I found myself in the Education Program.

The process of choosing a major was a bit of a task for me–I didn’t know what I wanted to do. At all. During my college search, I thought about majoring in everything from Library Science to Intercultural Studies, two very, very different majors. I especially laugh about the Library Science one–I’m far too loud to be a librarian. After I was done laughing about that, I started looking into Nyack. I remember printing off descriptions of degrees I was interested in, and laying the descriptions out on the white carpet of my room in order to think and pray about everything. I had experience teaching at church and knew I was decent at teaching, and also knew my love for all things poetic, literary, and even grammatical… I was plagued by questions about whether or not I should choose the full-time Christian ministry route or whether I should choose what I loved and where my giftings were. Someone told me once that if you are following the commandments of God, that as long as your life decisions do not go against God’s commandments in Scripture, then it is okay to follow your giftings. You don’t have to stress so much that you’re wandering outside God’s will for your life. It’s like God gives us this crazy large area to run around in, just stay in the borders and He’s set. You can’t really get outside of His will if you’re doing this. That was a freeing thought, and it was through this thought process that I submitted my application to become an Adolescent English Education Major. Looking back, that was the best decision. The years I’ve spent in college have allowed me to better understand how I’m wired as a person, and teaching English is definitely in my wiring.

There you have it. That is the story of how I ended up in the Education Program at Nyack College. Embarrassingly, I must admit that I arrived at Nyack with little idea about what the Education Program was like. I had been paying more attention to which major I would chose, than to the quality of programs offered at different schools. I had no idea how amazing the quality of the Education Program at Nyack College actually was when I walked up the steps of Shuman Hall as a wide-eyed freshman. The program has continued to be that amazing throughout my college experience. Now reader, you know the story of how I become Education Major. Stay tuned for more stories about this department I found myself in at Nyack.

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