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We Change and We Learn

Freshman year for me, and most college freshmen, was about experiences. Everything was new, but eventually the excitement faded away and routine settled in. As soon as I left for the summer, I began to […]

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Book Bucket List

I believe that one of the best ways to grow as a person, both in personal and spiritual maturity, is to read. If you let them, books can challenge your belief system, as well as […]

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Faith on the Field Part Three

Looking back on this past year, it has been a time of changes and challenges. Nonetheless, God has given me joy and peace. While speaking with Nyack College athletes, I have learned that they have […]

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Faith on the Field Part Two

At Nyack College, athletes form friendships that go beyond the game. They come alongside their teammates as encouragers on and off the field, strengthening one another in their lives and faith.  I believe that community […]


Faith on the Field Part One

After meeting several of the Nyack College athletes, they each have personally inspired me in their reliance on God to push through the challenges they face in both their sport and life. They have shown […]