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You Are Not Your Major

Lately, I’ve been writing blogs about being an Education Major, what that means, ways to thrive and survive as this strange species who are filled with heart and hardcore motivation. I’ve been writing blog after […]

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Losing Your Grip

I’ve been thinking about what to write this week. I like ideas to sit in the back of my brain, marinate a while. That’s how I think through everything–lesson plans, major life decisions, and blog […]

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Tips on Passing the edTPA

Friends, Last semester I had the opportunity to graduate an Education Program at Nyack College. December 16th was the last day of my undergraduate career, and I remember walking home. I remember watching the sun […]

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The Challenge Student

There are many types of students in this world: The Conscientious Student: This student can be found sitting in the front rows of classrooms, feverishly taking notes, and raising his or her hand in curiousity. […]

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Why I Love Teaching English

One of the cool things about being an Education Major at Nyack is that the School of Education, and Nyack in general, cares about developing you as a person throughout your college career. That was […]