ATS Dean in Vietnam to Teach First Seminary Graduate Level Course

Dr. Ron Walborn, dean of Alliance Theological Seminary (front row, second from far right), is in Ho Chi Minh City this week participating in another historic moment for Tin Lanh Church and the thriving body of 1.5 million believers in The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Vietnam.

Dr. Walborn, (pictured with the inaugural master's level class) will teach a Foundations in Ministry course at the Vietnam Institute of Bible and Theology, Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. “I am blessed and honored to be their first professor in a 36-credit rotation (12 three-credit courses),” he explains. There are only 400 trained pastors serving this enormous body of believers in Vietnam.

The gratitude for Dr. Walborn's visit was apparent in an anecdote he shared about his students' level of respect for him. "I finished a lecture before 11:30 and dismissed my students for lunch. Nobody moved as I began to check my email and Facebook. They sat quietly not interrupting me. Finally after ten minutes I asked,  'Why are you guys still here?'The spokesman for the group stood to his feet and quietly said, 'We won't leave until you pray for us, Sir. Please pray for us.' Tears, tears, tears. I love these gentle men of God."

Before returning to the States, he added, “I preach on Sunday in a large 3,000 member church and fly home Sunday night. I have a 14-hour layover in Seoul Korea and will meet with the President and leaders of Seoul Theological University.”