Leading the ChurchTogether Summit

It was the end of July when I received an email from my dean that asked if I could lead the ChurchTogether Summit on our campus. Without hesitation, I agreed.

I can’t remember the last time I agreed to do something without hesitation.

I have two preschoolers at home and a husband with his own schedule. I need to check with him and think about how it affects my kids before I agree to add anything more to my schedule.

But this time I immediately agreed. Why?

Because I believe wholeheartedly in bringing the #Churchtogether to empower women and men to lead as partners. I will sacrifice to be part of making this happen because it will bring about a better world for my kids.

I’ll work without hesitation to make this summit happen in Manhattan because

  • Missio Alliance is on the cutting edge of this work. Their egalitarian ethic, intellectual work, and national and international reach have impressed me ever since I first learned about them. I want to be part of what they do, and I know they do it with excellence.
  • I was a panelist at last year’s summit, livestreamed to Stanwich Church in Greenwich, Connecticut. There, I met and networked with several outstanding Christian leaders and was moved by the speakers I watched on screen. The final speaker, Todd Hunter, acknowledged that his understanding of the limits placed on women by the church is simply an intellectual discussion, but for each woman in his audience, it was her ontos—her actual being that is affected. I deeply appreciated this; it has stuck with me in every other conversation about this topic.
  • This conference is ecumenical by its very nature. I find that though Jesus prayed for unity for future believers (John 17), we are really good at disunity in the Church. I love coming together with those who are from Christian traditions that are different from mine, and moving forward to unity.

I’ve finalized our panelists for ChurchTogether at the Nyack College Manhattan Campus. They are local leaders who can help us make this vision of men and women leading together very practical. They do it every day. In keeping with the ecumenical nature of the summit, they are from the Evangelical Covenant denomination, a nondenominational church, and the Christian and Missionary Alliance. Registration is still available.

Our sponsors are varied—small organizations committed to empowerment, larger organizations, a church, and a denomination.

I believe in #ChurchTogether. I can’t wait until November 10 when we can experience the exciting future of the church!

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Dr. Amy Davis Abdallah is Associate Professor of Theology and Bible at Nyack College and Adjunct Professor of Worship at Alliance Theological Seminary. She preaches and teaches for churches, conferences, and other ministries in the United States and internationally. She also encourages Christian women to expand the Kingdom of God through the educational program Empower as well as a rite of passage for Nyack College Seniors. She is the author of The Book of Womanhood, and her writing has been featured by Christianity Today, CBE International, Redbud Writers Guild, and Missio Alliance. Amy loves to exercise, take photos, climb mountains, adventure with her husband and sons, learn languages, and enjoy the beach. Find her on the web at amyfdavisabdallah.com and on twitter @amyfdavisa