Alisa Haughton, Class of 2013

Alisa Haughton

Alisa Haughton, Class of 2013 from Nyack College on Vimeo.

“Nyack is a transforming college. It’s not just your ordinary college experience, but your life literally will transform if you let it. If you let that experience happen for you, God will literally surround you with great people and just take your story and just use it to help other people.

Personal spiritual formation, that was one of the classes that I took, that class literally changed my whole life. It made me deal with my stuff. With dealing with my stuff I was able to deal with people. I was able to forgive. I even found my dad. I was able to unpack that baggage that I had. It was a very healing experience here. You really have to just open up your heart, and know how to trust people, and just learn how to receive from other people, because people really do love you.” -Alisa