A Steinway Hall Musical Extravaganza

Music lovers will enjoy a dynamic repertoire of selections showcasing the Nyack College School of Music tonight at Steinway Hall, 1133 Avenue of the Americas at 43rd Street in midtown Manhattan.

The compositions of Chopin, Mozart, Verdi, Brahms, Rachmaninoff and Schumann are just some of the prolific classical virtuosos that fill the recital space in this third generation flagship showroom. Original compositions will be performed by alumni Nikos Kline and Glauco Lima. A special arrangement of a classic hymn will feature Chrislyn Mast Reed (’89).

Nyack’s talented student performers are Deborah Anderson (senior, soprano); Adrian Brown (junior, piano); Skylar Brown, (junior, piano); James Caleb Hartsock (senior, tenor); Helene Kunz (senior, piano); Kimberly Lewis (junior, soprano); Mei Chen Liu (sophomore,(piano); Jasmen Reyes (junior, soprano); Charles Siegler (sophomore, piano); and Crystal Warde (junior, soprano). Alumni performers are Nikos Kline (‘19, piano) and Chrislyn Mast Reed (’89, piano).

Dean of the School of Music, Dr. Sue Talley (piano), will be among the faculty performers including Dr. Marta Bedkowska-Reilly (cello); Dr. Lars Frandsen (guitar); Prof. Mary Gatchell (piano and vocal); Dr. Marie Herseth Kenote (flute); Prof. Byung-Kook Kwak (violin); Prof. Christina Lamberti (mezzo soprano); Prof. Glauco Lima (piano); Prof. Natasha Lipkina (violin); Dr. Tammy Lum (piano); Prof. Crystal Medina (clarinet); Prof. Chloe Nevill (soprano) and Prof. Margrit Zimmermann (piano).

Concert master for this special event is Autumn Carol Nova joined by stage managers, Guiselle Lopez and Carl Hu and greeters Sara Vaval and Sereth Macwan.