A Love Gift at Home for the Holidays

How do you wrap the gift of love?

Elaine Shickley Haaga and her siblings—Jan Shickley Morse, Charles David Shickley, Robert William Shickley and James Edward Shickley—did it selflessly.

Last year when their mother, Joanne Grubbs Shickley passed away, they discovered a bit of a family heirloom amongst her belongings. Who would own this precious piece of history next?

When Mrs. Haaga, an employee with the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU) came to the Nyack College Manhattan campus this fall for the 2016 CCCU diversity conference, she brought along a unique “donation” for the College. The gift was a patchwork quilt originally owned by her grandmother, Bertha Knight Grubbs, who was Superintendent of Women from 1938 to 1940 at Nyack College, then the Missionary Training Institute. 

What makes this quilt so special? Bertha Knight Grubbs. Clearly she had a tremendous impact on the young women residing on the Hillside. Some 148 names, many with hometowns and a scripture citation, are meticulously handstitched on squares sewn together.

Mrs. Haaga explains, “Many of the women whose names are on the quilt went on to serve around the world. We are very happy to know that the quilt will be added to the historical record of Nyack College where you are still impacting the world for Jesus Christ!”

More than 75 years later—women of Simpson Hall (pictured above with Associate Dean of Students Wanda Velez, seated center) are still being compassionately cared for by the College’s extraordinary faculty and staff who have a heart for mentoring. The legacy of love and community represented in that tribute to Mrs. Grubbs lives on.

Much gratitude to the Shickley siblings for their generosity and for the gift that is “home” for holidays.