A Great, Unavoidable Weight to Create Change

The School of Social Work takes a trip every January to the Philippines to understand the impacts of poverty on the children and their families and to serve the community. The trip is organized as a Global Service-Learning program where students can experience study abroad and the importance of global service. Elizabeth Redekop, an MSW student (pictured on the right) shared her personal experience of how this trip has impacted her perspective on life and future career as a social worker.


“What I witnessed in the Philippines has left a lasting image in my mind, a lasting ache in my heart, and conviction in my soul to follow God, near or far. I feel ready to sacrifice my comfort, my own desires and to go where God sends me in the future. Now more than ever, I want to make a difference and I want to be pliable to the direction of the Lord. I don’t just feel angry about the injustice around the world, I now feel a great, unavoidable weight to create change.”

-Elizabeth Redekop, MSW student