A Faith Journey Profile for Black History Month: Isaac Foster

At Nyack College, we’re observing Black History Month 2018 by presenting a series of short profiles written by members of our faculty and staff. The features pay homage to an African American individual who inspired and encouraged their faith journey. These personal experiences are illustrations that affirm the widely adopted practice of mentoring in our campus community. These are our four February features.

Name a person who had a significant influence on your faith journey.

Dr. Charles Hammond, pastor and Nyack College colleague.

Share how this individual helped shape your life as a Christian.

I have known Pastor Hammond for almost 30 years. We first met when he was counseling a young husband and wife; the husband was seeking admission to college. I was able to help the young man, but the work Pastor Hammond did for them is what prompted my initial respect for him.

At about the same time my wife had become interested in attending The Brooklyn Tabernacle where Pastor Hammond was an associate pastor. For my part, I was a somewhat more reluctant congregant. While I joined my wife in attending, I was mentally preparing to observe how the conduct of the church’s pastors aligned with their profession of faith. I joined the men’s chorus at The Brooklyn Tabernacle, which was led by Pastor Hammond. Then and there, I decided that Pastor Hammond would be my litmus test. Contrary to what I had wanted to believe, I found Pastor Hammond to be everything he professed to be. He was and is a man of faith and lives a life of faith and prayer.

Twelve years ago, he joined the Nyack College staff. It was in many ways a great benefit to me that he came to Nyack, because when the position of Director of Student Financial Services became available, he put my name in for consideration. I have now held that position for the last 10 years.

I know of many situations at Nyack and The Brooklyn Tabernacle in which the active faith and lifestyle of Dr. Charles Hammond has similarly impacted numerous persons.

Isaac Foster
Director of Student Financial Services
NYC Campus